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Cost Management Accounting

Lack of insight or effective financial budgeting often leads companies to lose out on profits.

We enable identifying cost drivers to mitigate system inefficiencies, and adequately analyse business infrastructure, resources, and people to increase financial productivity along the Cost Management Value Chain.

Why Choose Us?

  • We understand financial risks that key partners, stakeholders, and third parties in the value chain undertake.
  • We help businesses ensure that financing options continue to remain viable.
  • Instead of focusing only on management of the bottom-line and growth of the top-line, we help businesses evaluate local requirements in the cash-to-cash conversion cycle.
  • We focus on inventory stock management.
  • We help businesses revisit opportunities on lowering their variable costs.
  • We create mutually beneficial procurement strategies to help adjust payables in an efficient manner.
  • We help businesses consider alternative and non-conventional revenue streams.

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Opportunity Identification

Determining and computing strategic cost analysis in the form of preliminary costs, conceptual estimates and budget creation.

Creation of Layout

Helping businesses understand monetary resource allocation by providing competitive cost analysis, utility, assessment, design alternatives valuation, benefit & risk regulation.

Prototype Phase Planning

Planning and optimizing cost controls, analysing and evaluating risk, and value engineering. We strategize pre-purchase sourcing and acquisition, help review costs, and assist in procurement generation.

Procurement Strategy

To ensure proper cash management and monitoring, we help businesses analyse and reconcile procurement bidding, provide pre-bid cost approximations, and provide cash flow projections.


Enabling systematized cost documentation, variation order management, and assessment of projected cash flow variation in the production stage.


Helping businesses close the cost management loop by providing variation order execution and approximation, and final account appraisal and closure.